Optimal protection against break-ins

Car is parked in front of a garage with a security roller gate

Every fourth minute, an apartment or house is broken into in Germany. The damage caused amounts to more than 500 million euros annually. To counteract this threat, the Heydebreck rolling shutter profiles Bullit, Mini Bullit, Oscar, Mini Oscar, Magnum and Mini-Magnum were developed. Attention was paid to the highest quality in every detail in order to protect your valuable goods in the best possible way. The profiles are used for rolling shutters, rolling gates and security elements.

Due to the design of our shutters the amount of time a perpetrator needs to determine the correct path to disabling the shutter system results in scaring the thief away. And if there is any damage, a few roller shutter slats and guide rails can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. However, if a burglar can tamper with a window or a patio door, he always leaves behind damage that makes a complete replacement necessary - even if the burglar does not get into the house.

How secure is your rolling shutter?

We have tested for you: a PVC rolling shutter, a mini aluminum rolling shutter and our Protecto. See for yourself the effect of reinforcement brackets, an extruded box, reinforced guide rails and anti-lift protection with rigid shaft connectors. Our Protecto is the inexpensive alternative for more security. Protect your home too!

How stable is a wooden rolling shutter?

More stable than you think! You can see that in this stress test of our 14/47 Sierra model. And in addition to security, our wooden rolling shutters offer many other advantages. A wooden rolling shutter lasts up to 100 years, is sustainable, ecological and offers optimal thermal insulation and perfect noise protection. We produce our wooden rolling shutters from Nordic knot-free pine. Other types of wood are also available on request.

You want security?

Then choose tested rolling shutters from Heydebreck. Conventional burglary tools don't stand a chance with our certified security rolling shutters because they can withstand the most extreme loads. If a perpetrator needs more than 2-3 minutes to gain access, he usually abandons his intention. Therefore, 40% of burglaries fail due to security measures taken by the owners. Make sure it's just a burglary attempt! Our security rolling shutters are suitable for old and new buildings and can be retrofitted at any time

We are supporters of the campaign Keinbruch - an initiative of the police and German economy.