Fire-resistant rolling shutters

With Heydebreck fire-proof rolling shutters (also fire protection roller shutters), our development department has succeeded in bringing a product onto the market whose quality far exceeds the regulations of the building authorities. The high demands of builders and architects in terms of aesthetics and practicality are fully met.

New EU directives require that food counters in kitchens, kiosks and building openings in public buildings must be provided with full fire protection against sources of fire. Extremely small, fire-proof roller shutter boxes were therefore developed for Heydebreck fire protection roller shutters / fire protection roller shutters. A Europe-wide patented, innovative construction principle.

The advantage of Heydebreck fire resistant rolling shutters compared to all other fire protection devices is that they not only fulfill their function in the event of a fire, but can also be used to close a building opening on a daily basis.

To date, DIBT Berlin has not granted the extension of the building authority approval due to overlapping interests. However, our fire resistant rolling shutters are approved in individual cases until further notice.

In Switzerland, our fire resistent rolling shutter type Fire-Bullit from VKF is registered under the approval no. VKF No. / n° AEAI 19433 approved.

  • Küchenfenster Brandschutz
  • Schräge Säule Brandschutzrollladen
  • Brandschutzrollladen Essensausgabe