You can get everything you need for rolling shutters from us. Exhibitors as sun protection and at the same time perfect room ventilation, guide rails for all common roller shutter widths, safety guide rails, insect screens and various (anti-lift) security devices to protect your home as well as possible.

Our rolling shutters including equipment can also be retrofitted at any time. We offer all the necessary spare parts for repairs that need to be made. Call us, we will advise you!


    Exhibitors are without a doubt the best way to ventilate a space and darken it at the same time. In southern countries, the exhibitor is already standard in connection with rolling shutters, as it proves its great advantages as external sun protection, especially in summer.

    The exhibitor has also been installed regularly in Germany for over 100 years. It used to be a steel construction, which was very heavy and also prone to rust. Today, the exhibitor is made entirely of powder-coated or anodized aluminum. The new design also simplifies assembly considerably, as all parts are only screwed together and not welded as before. That is why buildings that are under monument protection are again equipped with aluminum exhibitors. This achieves a connection between nostalgic flair and modern constructions, with which all facades can be positively influenced optically.

    Recommended max usage sizes:
    Aluminum rolling shutters approx. 150 x 220cm

    Recommended max usage sizes:
    Wooden rolling shutters approx. 180 x 250cm

    Ready-to-install display device made entirely of aluminium, one-handed, can be operated and locked on both sides. Including guide rails, standard hinge riveted in at 30 cm from the top. Projection 45 cm.

    !!! ATTENTION: The rolling shutters must not be operated when the guide rails are open. !!!


    Standard colours: white, grey, brown powder-coated.

    All other RAL/NCS colors and anodised colors are available on request.

    Suitable equipment
    Guide rail 20/15/20
    Guide rails 25/18/25 flocked
    Guide rail 25/19.2/25 flocked
    Guide rail 25/22/25 (with piping)
    Guide rail 32/22/32 (with piping)
    Guide rail 25/28/25 (with piping)
    Guide rail 40/28/40 (with piping)

    Insect protection

    Insect screen made of gray fiberglass fabric.
    Spring shaft 19mm. Extruded aluminum end strip with spring latch and brush inserts. Hollow chamber guide rails, extruded aluminium, double-barreled with piping and brush insert, 53/39.5/53.

    Securing - Hinged Latch Bar

    • For aluminium, stainless steel and security rolling shutters
    • Available for mini and maxi profiles
    • Developed for heavy loads as a secondary safety device
    • Recess on guide rails necessary
    • Guide rails should be dimensioned accordingly

    When the rolling shutter is lowered, the folding bolt is pushed outwards by the curtain weight and automatically latches into the recess in the guide rail.

    Securing - sliding bolt

    • Installation in trailing edge and profile possible
    • For aluminum and wooden rolling shutters
    • Available for mini and maxi profiles
    • Locking is done by hand in the back of the guide rail
    • Not recommended for systems with an electric drive

    Cylinder lock

    • Installation in trailing edge possible
    • For aluminum and wooden rolling shutters
    • Available for mini and maxi profiles
    • Locking is done by hand in the back of the guide rail
    • Not recommended for systems with an electric drive
Forest in the sunshine
We extend the life of many trees

In the world of rolling shutters, wood is by far the most sustainable and beautiful material available and exceeds many curent eco-building standards. If pine trees are felled after 100 to 120 years of life - i.e. after the zenith of their life - and the trunk is processed for building materials, such as roller shutters and implanted in our own immediate living environment, then we give this pine much more than a hundred years of life.

  • Sloping roller blind
  • Wooden shutters with insect protection
  • Castle with wooden shutters monument protection
  • Roller shutters with integrated insect protection